Thursday, November 02, 2006

Unknown Passion Flare

Just before the storm
Originally uploaded by Wam Mosely.

A stranger
That is who you are
Our greeting
Started with gentle smile
By single note of a smile acquainted
Your eyes into mine
In a spare of millisecond
Our lives were bound and connected
Mingled by the waves of fate
The destiny played its tunes
Just right
Two hearts embodied in single beat
In water of attraction stirred
All unaware
Melting in echo of our emotions
Life beyond life
Breathtaking moment
Beyond compare
Night or day
The magic lingers without an end
Entwined in a passion flare
Dancing unaware

copyright 2005 Nasra Al Adawi

I owe my thanks to this lovely photo to Wam Mosely posted in on 28 Dec '05