Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Charmer

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So everybody got excited about a proposal, and I was thinking how long should this one last. I thought I should at least give it a shot anyway for the sake of my poor mother who I was driving crazy..I actually enjoyed being the run way fiancée, it was the pursuit for perfection. Looking for faults and what drives me away from marriage prospects.

Once again there he was glowing in his dishdasha, back then I never new how lucky I was to see him in dishdasha (why read at end)*. The visit was in my home, he came with a family member and of course I was at home with my family members. My sisters thought, the poor guy what is he geting himself into and this will last give and take a month maybe. Clearly they told me that why a bother to agree meeting marriage suitors anyways. I thought Im all prepared for this meeting and a little I knew that the joke actually will be on me. The man just has this sweet talk and especially to stir mothers heart. Mr. Charming did his homework well. I was all prepared with a list to ask many questions in order to find out if we are compatible and I was ready to attack as soon as I get the opportunity to talk just two of us (okay so did not show around that Im have a question list). So as my mother and other family wanted to give us a chance for privacy talk Mr. Charming declared smoothly that he has nothing to say except in front of my mother and he added smoothly that he regarded my family as parents to him too. That for sure targeted and had won over my mother.

So with that I stuttered with my question and forgotten the other half the list was not in hand. Anyways the good news my mother suggested at end if there is any lingering questions we can always use the telecommunication technology and fire our question by phone. So he stirred again my mum by taking permission to have my number, okay it did impress me a bit. This was impressive being at 30 here I am, my phone number is requested by permission through my mother I thought that was affable in away, however do know what he thought when I gave him my Business card with my contact number.

*After marriage I found out that he loves being in jeans so much that he went in jeans to Ministry to all the places to go in jeans. Its just you don’t go in jeans in government offices where everyone, I mean men dress up officially the least they can wear is dishdasha if you don’t want to wear the full attire. I wonder if that is being rebellion or is it Burundi thing..

As I end here, I repeat who would have thought marriage would have such hilarious side. Its great to laugh at it and keep on living...

(Who knows there is more than this to come, till next time stay smiling)

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