Friday, May 04, 2007

~Moonlight In You~

Originally uploaded by Cogitationist.

Moonlight on your face
And I see its glow
Perhaps you could sprinkle
Shreds of flames to me
That encircles loneliness
Seizing my misery
Radiance calms a lament heart
I see contentment in your smile
Carefree in your journeys
Every journey of yours
Shapes a meaning
Core light of your soul
I wish I could learn
Your secret
And you wait for no success
It’s granted to you
Freedom floats within you
Moon floats in the sky
Yet there is another side to the moon
A face of you
Is frighten to appear
A full circle of darkness
A burned out candle
Withholding agonies
Since when a moon spills tears!
The man in you cannot set it free
Strings of me adores your strength
The desire to tangle
Within your surroundings
Despite all complicity
You take the walk of life
Akin to leaf falling with easiness
Allow me to love your moonlight

Copyright 2006 nasra al adawi

Inspired by DON of, every day I learn something new about life and what it can bring to me as a person who lives it