Friday, March 18, 2005



No, it’s not a trespass
Just lovingly to reach your soul
Dispose your inner wall
Just lovingly, let me get through you
Allow this heart of mine to pass
Maybe in matters of love, I have no clue
I just trust my instincts to reach your path
Just lovingly allow me to be with you
Your eyes reveal that you love me too
I feel, you are entrapped and afraid
Love is not a man made
Just accept it lovingly
A heavenly gift of God
True, once it falls on a human palm
There many wrong doers in the name of love
Love at times becomes a deception game
Those are abiding with the integrity of love- still are not few
Let you inner soul to talk to you
You will surely find your way
Just lovingly, accept a heavenly gift of God

2005, nasra al adawi

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sinking with Secrets

If you saw yourself just once,
The secret of secrets
Would open to you.
The face of the unknown,
Hidden beyond the universewould appear on the
Mirror of your perception.
Written by Rumi

( Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273) has been called ',the greatest mystical poet of any age." As a young boy he showed all the signs of saintliness and his father called him Maulana, "Our Master." By age twenty-four he was an acknowledged Master of Arabic grammar, Islamic law, Koranic commentary, astronomy)

"Rumi speaks of the Open Secret. He says that each one of us is trying to hide a secret-not a big, bad secret, but a more subtle and pervasive one."


"There are different types of secrets, some that promote pleasurable anticipation and others that create uneasiness and tension. It is this second kind of secret that we are concerned with here. These involve things that the holder of the secret dreads others learning about because they deal with real or perceived unpleasant or disturbing matters. These are secrets whose very existence is often even a secret. Such secrets are unhealthy, burdensome, and a product of shame or guilt."

Th above is qouted from

"Ocean of Secrets"

Do we dare to explore
What goes beyond that shore
To risk and take the chance
How far we'll advance
In reaching deep inside
To the mysteries that reside
Within your lonely heart
And the battles taken part
The struggles between right and wrong
The endless attempts to stay strong
Will we ever be able to reach out?
And get to know without a doubt
To reveal the secrets that you hold
The tales that never been told
Or we're gonna drown in your ocean
And get lost between chaos and confusion
Like those before who went astray

Trying to find your secret hideaway

By Hopeless Poet

Sinking in Secret

This guilt is clawing into me
I declared defeat, sinking to my death
Yet my soul is not left to die in peace
At this final moment, I have no tool to speak
This secret is a heavy agony to die with
A life time of waiting to submit the truth
The secret, shall I keep or release?
On the edge to cease without return
Two vowed to keep a secret
Though I was about to reveal,
But the secret is not only mine
So let me sink without breaking my oath of silence

2005, nasra al adawi

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hear me

Enter into my soul

Sink deeper into its core

Let your soul dwell over there

My soul is open embracing you

Touch its walls, its not so obscure

It's all so simple

Just little love, not so ample

It will nourish the cells

As once, it used to be so sore

On the edge of decaying with time

Somehow on living its clings

Fighting to retain more than that

Once the truth is out, it can not be shut

Here I am -have opened my soul

It's just for you to hear me, not waiting for you to take any role

© 2005, nasra al adawi

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

...........Just To Touch You Lovingly.............. (A poem by Susan Ratliff)

Just To Touch You Lovingly (27 February 2005)
I stand alone on this cold night
With my eyes raised to the sky
Thinking of you up above
And wondering if you knew
You were loved down here
The tears I try to fight
Wondering still why
I gave you all my love
I did all I could do
What did you fear
Now the moon is in sight
I wonder why you had to die
What’s up there above
Wasn’t my love enough for you
This has been my greatest fear
I often wonder if I might
Have changed your choice to die
Have somehow given you more love
If there had been more I could do
To somehow keep you here
But now you’ve disappeared into the dark
Only the stars to guide my way to you
The moon bright and the clouds clear
As an Angel reaches down to touch me
The warmth is a feeling so true
Softly I whisper up to the sky
I may never know exactly why
You chose on that day to die
You didn’t say goodbye
Before you floated up so high
But I still love you today
In that same strong way
I’d give anything to see
You once again before me
Just to touch you lovingly
Written By Susan Ratliff