Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Dearest Father

My Dearest Father

I get so sad
When I mention your name
My tears fall
I wonder if you knew
How precious you are
I love you so much
I just never knew that
Now you are gone
I will not get the chance to hear that sound
The sound of father's love in your voice
It was- a long distance between us
It could hardly be explained
I felt your love
Father's love
And now you are gone
I only have a faithful prayer
For our Mighty Lord to love you,
To give you love and peace
The way you always loved me..

From your loving daughter: Nasra

Friday, August 19, 2005

I Search

I search for love
In you
I seek it
In the deepest corner of who you are
Your soul
I find it abstract, tangling many emotions
The biggest part of it, is your search of who you are

I search for love
At first tone of your voice
I try to capture it in my soul
I pluck every whisper of love
Scrutinize its true thread
I remain unsure in a mass of my search
As I surrender to you
Body and soul
Still seeking your love
I search for it, in a language of intimacy
If I can touch it, in a breath of your manhood
In a scream of first tangled physique
The tangible pain is beyond the comprehend of this soul
Love is unquenched with merely body intimacy
I’m still thirsty for love

I search for love
In ever corner of this earth
Then I return to seek it
On a circle of reflected glow
The cycle of moon
Trying to explore it
Even over its hollow darkness
I find it empty, just like me
Wanting to be a sacred of emotions
Like a moon cycle
Some days a radiant glow
Then there are days I exist in darkness
Little by little
I rebel against this dark emptiness
Absorbing hollowness in crescent glow
Till I merge to be a full moon again
copyright 2005, nasra al adawi