Thursday, December 28, 2006


When I grow into love
A garden field finds its way
A path of earth
That sobers me
Not just romance
Falling gently with dew
I find myself
Had grown
In maturity of tree
Like a wall built to stand
Defeating obscurities
I learned to make space
Without titles of scarifies
Meeting you half the way
As me and you tangle
Birthing a new meaning
In our entanglement
Just one obvious tree
Strong enough
Hardly can bend
In currents of wind

Copyright 2006 Nasra Al Adawi

I dedicate this poem to Rauf . Who has been kind enough to offer his photos to me to use with my poetry without even asking his permission. Rauf had somehow discovered that I get really inspired through photography. The photo of this tangled tree was so touching, I just had to gaze at it and allow it to speak to me. Please click (Here)to visit his blog. He has a very informative blog with powerful thoughts….

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rain Awakes

Brush of grey clouds
Watching from far distance
Reluctant to allow the sun
So it will pierce light in me
Shadow of rain
Urging to fall
Yet like my tears
The sky above have not opened
A doorway of rain
My tears remain
All locked within
Its the transparency of rain
Absolves aches
A touch of romance under the rain
Relighting forgotten fire
Yet fire don’t flame in rain
No sparks to rekindle
Just inner flame awakes in rain

Copyright nasra al adawi 2006

I thought to carry my camera in search for traces of rain. As I stopped to capture the image sadness took over me in reflection of the clouds (I suppose). It's been awhile I have wanted to take images near by my home.

The photos above are mine taken on the same date of this post

Friday, December 01, 2006

~Im emptiness~

Empty air
Originally uploaded by s22026.

Just silence
Lost voice without you
silent than the wind
That is who I am
No one ever notice
The empty space without the wind
Im not a breeze that might touch your face
Im not even the invisble air
Tickling your skin hair
Im emptiness left in void

copyright iamnasra 2005

many thanks s22026 for this empty photo. Its so lovely photo