Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I Surrender

I whispered to my soul to persuade my heart

Let it not fight love any longer as I have been searching for a long while

For so long waited for love-to take over me

Dissolving the tension of waiting,

Would cupid disapprove?

Here, I’m ready for love

I’m ready for passion

Lace my soul to this fulfillment

The flame of candles racing my desire

The moonlight, tuning this moment into fantasy

Walking into romance, I feel the burning of my heart

I’m surrounded with flowers,

Yet its more than that- it’s the melting into lovers touch-I require

My mind is tied in a candy wire

I would not resist, hypnotized- I feel I’m strapped in silk

Drowsy into its charms, I’m willing to take the risk

So wonderful, I’m tantalized

Beyond the hunger of food, I’m yearning for dinner of love

It begins with a kiss, I surrender all

A new morning, a new day, I’m still tucked under his embrace

Taken by the happiness, I have found love

copyright 2005 nasra al adawi

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Passing Magical Moment

Passing Magical Moment

I saw a shadow in a distance

Walking in the mist

I was gazing at you my love

Was not the softness of the mist?

Tickling gently your skin

Still I'm watching you

At a time the sun laid its first rays

Somehow, it's not the sunrise

Absorbing the darkness

Still walking

But now you are passing our house garden

Its not the breeze

Shaking the trees

Now briefly stopping

The fountain caught your attention

It's not the bubbles in the fountain

Awaking the silent water

Now I run to embrace you

You greet me poetically

It's not the rhythm

Making your words a poem

Here we are

Falling in a morning romance

Its not only me and you

Creating this love

It’s the passing magical moment

copyright 2005 nasra al adawi