Saturday, February 26, 2005

Thoughts from Al Kindy

Love isn’t the search for perfect person but acceptation of imperfect one with all his lucks as perfection.

Love, Chance or Choice

When we meet right person in right time while we’re in right place and right time - is the chance.

If you meet someone whom you like - it’s not a choice but chance.

To capture the moment (a lot of people stay together because of it) isn’t a choice either but chance.

Difference is what happens after all when we getting passion ally involved.

Next step is when first feelings and passion cools down and you start thinking: either you want to turn everything into certain relationship or this is just a flirt.

If you decide to love person with all his mistakes and odds - this isn’t chance but choice.

If you decide to stay with person no matter why - this is the choice.

Even if you know that there are lots of others who more beautiful, smarted and richer than your darling (the chosen one) and despite that you keep on loving him just the way he is - this is the choice.

Passion, flirt, sympathy come to us by chance.

But the real love, that last forever - is the real choice. Choice that we make.

Regarding meant - to be - for each other – souls (soul mates), it’s a beautiful movie that says: "Fate brings you together but it’s up to you to make it work - to be happy"

I’m sure that such souls do exist. There is someone who was born for you.

But it’s up to you to choose if you’re going to do something about it.

We can meet our soul mate by chance, but to love this person and to stay with him - remains to be a choice that we have to make.

We came to this world not to find perfect person but to learn how to love imperfect one for real...

Friday, February 25, 2005

When I Fall to Sleep

When I fall to sleep
I fall so deep
I see this dream
Its about you and me
In unknown realm
Taking a shape of film
Drowning in silence, yet our emotions are in steam
Nothing looks like what it seems
Its all beyond the realistic beams
We are glowing in hope
I confront you that I wish this day won’t stop
Confronting the truth, we are part of my dream
Your eyes fall in gloom
As I try to reach for you-I fall in a hole of darkness,
I awake from what it seems to be- just a dream
©2005, nasra al adawi

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Matrimonial Ride

Out of my expectation

He asked me to define marriage

Many have spoken on the matrimonial ride

Mine would be among those many

Yet it might possibly fade with a spirit of time

Marriage for some is a union between woman and a man

Somehow it can be more than that

Perhaps a unity of two souls

It strikes the demons of loneness

To vanquish the demons inside, it needs deep understanding

For many are in the marriage circle, yet are fading in loneness

They shell themselves into a lonely bed

Watching the betray of the soul and heart as one remain untouched

Marriage is not a testament of scarifies

It takes many water drips of two forming a pond

Marriage is not a fare tale dream that await for us to reach

Fate plays its tune, still it's us who creates the final a song

Some seek a partner an image of a savior from drown

Waiting to be swept away with love

I wonder if it exist or it's an imagery of romance

Love is real- the boat of love it needs two to paddle

If not -the wind can turn it over to unexpected direction

Over the unexpected crises communication lapse

Misunderstanding detach us from the soul unity that we were in

Only we find ourselves on a final stage sinking but in a separate ways

© 2005, nasra al adawi

Monday, February 14, 2005


It is without you
I'm fevering into nostalgia
How come I'm enslaved to you?
When did you drizzle the dosage of love into me?
All I know my heart is straying into mystery
There is no where else but you were I can find a safety shore
How did you slave my heart into your compassion?
Melting away all its senses
And in the name of love even honor was discarded out of me
Accepting to live in this fantasy
It scares me that my heart had glided into you
I wonder - when will it come out of this dream?
When it will grasp into the message of reality
Its seems my heart is forever gliding into the crescent of love
Should it fall -Would your love still be its home
It had trusted your love so much
Surrendering even its soul in a blind faith without a second thought
I pray that your love is not merely a sandcastle
I made it by my own hands but soon or later it will eventually fall

copyright 2005 nasra al adawi

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Your silence has spoken
Many words that you have left unspoken
I never understood the language of silence
Your silence remained so long
Though my heart refused to seek deeper into its meaning
So afraid to face the bitter truth that the portrait of love is a photo fake
Preferred to live many days in pretense
Your silence continued, and my inner pain became unbearable
I kept convincing myself that I’m taking it all wrong
I kept telling myself that you have good explanation
Give time for the river to flow back to its path
I continued to give courage to my heart
Its all sinking now. The truth and pain sinking deeper into my soul
I want to hold my tears
I do not want cry I want to be courageous in this
But the pain is beyond my strength
Know that I’m not crying for you
These tears grieving for being so vulnerable in your hands

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Winding My Heart

My vision was:
To give you love without pretense
Vivid soul wants to give all it has
Yet if it can its tempted to give more
It could hardly deny anything for love
Even presenting the last breath of it soul
Somehow you have been winding my heart
Your feelings were drawn away from my path
You are expecting me to free you from my heart
In a glimpse of a second to erase you from my soul
I could hardly breathe, I’m dying here inside
I can not lock you in my world
As I have taken the oath of love, you are free to go
Know that I love you to death but I will not chain you for sure
I have forgiven you for all the painful tears that you in stored

Ó2005. nasra al adawi

Time Reveals (Haiku)

Only with time
It will be able to reveal
The hidden beneath

copyright 2005 nasra al adawi

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

This Poem

This poem written to you to put a smile on your face
To take your heartache in all the years that it could not erase
And I wish I could cry with you
As I felt the amount of pain that you went through
Life does not pause to our liking
Certain situations are frightening
Still we need to stand against the turbulence of life
Her I am reaching to you
I will be a shelter when it rains
I will try to be a refuge to your pain
And when you need to cry
My shoulder is here to hold you through
So this poem is written to you to let you know I’m here for you
©2005. nasra al adawi

My Submission

Upon my submission to love
It arrived to me I’m unaware
Mugged into life with a challenging dare
Motionless as I took a deep stare
For a long time I froze my soul into a stone
Accepted that all but love I can not own
At time when I accepted life living alone
My plans were torn
As the days drag it self unexpected miracle is grown
I’m left to gaze deeply into dawn
Suddenly I feel I’m drained out of life
Yet breathing is my sign for being alive
Beyond my protest to the unknown I dive
Till my final submission to love I put my ultimate strive
Such destiny took its final laughter
Granted me love- if it was by choice I would never go after
I made a promise to give every thing except for love I closed my door
I thought nothing will deter me from this lore
Never expected that fate runs its own wheel
Destiny swaps our expectations in a reel
When love strikes seems this heart is of out shield
Suddenly I find myself in a magical field
Love takes the total spell
Even baring the soul out of its shell
Deterring on my intended mission
I can not deny myself into this final love submission

Copyright 2005, nasra al adawi